" That in which the sun rises and in which it sets, that which is the source of all the powers of nature and of all the senses, that which nothing can transcend- that is the immortal self. What is within us is also without -
what is without is also within."
The Upanishads

As members of the human race, we are both parents and children. We witness the passing of family and friends, and are affected by the laws of physics at work on beaches and in hospital rooms. There are irrepressible forces over which our intellects are powerless, some are quiet, some are invasive, yet it is the pervasive and ephemeral nature of these forces that forms the quality of our lives. It is contact, resistance and flow.
I seek to promote comfort and induce a sense of well being through a series of investigations exhibited through the creation of objects, paintings, and environments. They are macro and microcosms momentarily captured through frozen mantras of matter and color; places where solitude does not mean isolation, but connectedness, and where chemical interactions give a sense of magnitude by becoming elemental narratives that tell a holistic story.

Deborah Gillespie